Learn about the benefits and terms of becoming a Greenpoint Art Circle member. If you decide it’s for you:

  1. Fill out the Membership Sign-up form below.
  2. Set up your recurring tax-deductible monthly dues
    (not a one-time donation)

Please note that the membership system is new and we are still working out many of the processes, including the communications and volunteer sign-up system. There will be opportunities to collaborate on many exciting new initiatives.

If you’re not quite ready to join as a member, you can sign up for our mailing list and receive invitations to our donate-what-you-want events like our monthly creative check-in meeting, events, and volunteer opportunities.

Membership Benefits

  • Help sustain our work nurturing a positive and dynamic community for local visual creators
  • Invitation to attend monthly creative check-in meeting and summaries. The meetings are a place to check in around your creative practice, share info and set an intention for the following month
  • Participate in our active group chat on the Geneva chat app where people discuss and share resources, trade art supplies, suggest events and projects and weigh in on group decisions
  • Participate in our 2 group shows per year
  • Access to occasional opportunities for solo shows at local businesses
  • Member artist feature on the Instagram main grid. Our Instagram has over 1400 engaged followers, many of whom are from the local arts community
  • Your Instagram updates or new art regularly reposted on Instagram stories
  • Opportunity to create new features for our Instagram
  • Opportunity to co-develop and participate in special-interest meetings (like career development or critique-oriented meetings, etc.), workshops, publications or other group projects and ventures
  • Discounts on group-produced art workshops and educational events
  • Official Greenpoint Art Circle pin
  • Benefits not yet offered, but in the works
  • Regular art prompts
  • Listed as a supporting member on the website
  • Listed in skill-trade/share directory for members only
  • Opportunity to be featured on the group’s podcast
  • Opportunity to sell art on a group-hosted online shop
  • Opportunity to write for the new creative blog on the website

Terms of Membership

  • We strive to be a positive, reciprocal, engaged, ethical, respectful and supportive group please join only if you align with these values. Please be accountable and communicative if you commit to doing a task.
  • You are required to volunteer your time and to generally be engaged as it is a co-operative group. Please pay attention to messages and polls on Geneva chat and plan to engage and commit to volunteering 1-4 hours per month—there will be regular volunteer opportunities posted
  • Recurring monthly dues are on a sliding scale of $3-10, read more below for how to determine your dues
  • You are required to commit to at least 3 months of membership when you sign up. If you stop your membership before then, you’ll be required to donate the balance of your 3 months of dues to the group
  • On any art sale from shows we produce or from our group shop, you agree to donate 20% to GAC
  • On any workshop or other paid event, you agree to donate 25% of the proceeds to GAC
  • Dues and other fees are non-refundable
  • Images of artwork and of members may be used to promote GAC and GAC events. If you would prefer we not, please let us know
  • You exhibit at your own risk. You can provide your own insurance if you wish, however
  • Please do your part to ensure harmony among members and keep “drama” to a minimum. Please be gentle with one another and in general assume best intentions
  • Please deal with personal conflicts respectfully and directly on your own, except in cases of harassment or threats
  • There is absolutely no tolerance for harassment or threatening of other group members, you will be removed from the group

About the sliding scale dues

We are doing sliding scale system to create more equitable dues:

  • Consider paying less on the scale if you..
  • have a lower income and/or:
  • support children or other dependents
  • have significant debt or medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • are eligible for public assistance or disability benefits
  • are elderly, disabled or chronically ill with limited financial support
  • experience discrimination in hiring or pay level
  • Consider paying more on the scale if you:
  • have a higher income and/or:
  • own your home, have investments, retirement accounts or inherited money
  • have access to stable resources in times of need
  • have a relatively high degree of earning power due to level of education, gender, race or class privilege, etc.

Want to Check Us Out First?

Join our mailing list and you will be invited to attend our monthly creative check-in meeting as well as other donate-what-you-want events and volunteer opportunities.

The meetings are a place to check in around your creative practice, share info, connect with other creators and set an intention for the following month